The Prevailing Philosophy


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released February 10, 2013

Roland Castanova - Vocals
Chris Aubrey - Guitar
Jimmy Dresbach - Guitar
Cwyn Metafesir - Bass
Jason Hallyburton - Drums, Production
Luis Ibarra - Guest vocals on Cult of Death

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at UnderDoom! Studios, San Jose, CA.



all rights reserved


HERETICUS San Jose, California

-Jason H.
-Chris A.
-Cwyn M.
-Rogelio C.
-James D.

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Track Name: Heathen Blood
Regained my senses, I've hit oblivion into the nothingness of my mind
The spawn of Satan, I've become realized for all the tragedies we commit, divine or divided?
No God on which to depend, sink yourself in the deep end
Succumb to the real world burn the scriptures binding you down
We separate each and everyone into doomed theories written to us from God
If you're willing to understand, seek the freedom that doesn't take you away (from man)
Track Name: Cult of Death
Trudging through snow mountains, I maintain a simple mindset
Cold snow numb my insides
Into my death I go

Blackened Leviathan, arise
Take them and give the gift of writhe

The fires blaze right through the floor
Entirety of space consumed by blood
The ground beneath, destroyed in shards
And I'm just waiting here to die
Track Name: The Prevailing Philosophy
Kill your God, save yourselves

The ones that he curses you with burn down your vicinity
They don't know what faith is
They utilize it just to cause harm to all the other people that do not follow in vain

Take my hand and free me from this cross
I bet you've never had anything you prayed for
I'm here to tell you otherwise
That you can have everything if you just set yourself to succeed without a scapegoat

Plagues infecting us all and leaving hope behind
with nothing to hold on to but fear of pain, fear of suffering; a fear of death
With nothing to hold on to but pain

Ostentatious pride revealing your true form of a man; truly without God
A soul in complete scorn
There's more to it than just a book
More than a frame of wood, nails, and a hook